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I'm a journalist based in NYC. I write about social justice, politics, policy, the criminal justice system, and whatever else catches my eye.

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Can We Please Call a Ceasefire on 20-something Trend Pieces?

Yet another tired page in a growing collection of articles that are inexplicably obsessed with the apparent demise of middle-class, heterosexual romance and the endless perils of being a millennial twenty-something....

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California Hunger Strikers and the Malnourished American Conscience

To achieve a life behind bars that resembles one worth living, hunger strikers are risking death....

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Best of the Blog 2013 (part 2)

When panic takes over, the arbitrary program that decides asylum, notes towards a study of anthropomorphism, and the revolutionary aspects of coffee beans. We conclude our look back at the best of the blog....

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Reimagining America’s Ugliest Spaces

In the otherwise bleak landscape of our criminal justice system, these empty prisons could be an atypical source of hope and reclamation....