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I'm a journalist based in NYC. I write about social justice, politics, policy, the criminal justice system, and whatever else catches my eye.

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Black white article

What McKinney Says About White American Fear of Black Citizens ...

The McKinney, Texas, incident is the latest flash point in our country’s persistent problem with race.

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Giving Vietnam Veterans a Second Chance to Come Home

Post-9/11 vets are helping an older generation experience a more friendly homecoming.

452145454 article

NY to DC: We'll Figure Out Immigration Reform on Our Own, Since You Can't

Policy reforms have stalled in Washington’s gridlock, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the country is willing to suffer.

Protestbrutality1 article

Having Lost Kin to Police Brutality These Families Protested to Make ...

Having Lost Kin to Police Brutality These Families ...

489836823 article

Despite Orders to Free Prisoners, Officials Cling to Cheap Inmate ...

As California’s historic drought conditions coincide with the success of criminal justice reform initiatives, some state officials look to be in open panic.

Thirdpartyvoting2b article

Where Is the Tea Party of the Left?

Despite the rise of Warren Democrats and de Blasio Democrats, there’s still little chance of a progressive third party.

Senatorusher article

5 Unexpected Hotbeds of Liberal Politics in This Election

These blue candidates have gone deep into red country to campaign.

157234204 article

The Complicated, Sometimes Heartbreaking Reality Happening in a ...

Experiencing a taste of another culture isn’t quite as simple as trying the food.

Open uri20140520 19543 269r93 article

Here's Why a Cross-Dressing Diva Is a Lens Into Europe's Political ...

Here's Why a Cross-Dressing Diva Is a Lens Into Eur...

Occupyrikers1 article

Occupy Activist Who Was Jailed After Clearing of Zuccotti Park Now ...

Cecily McMillan’s controversial arrest led her to a new cause.

Open uri20140702 24818 ydxyx6 article

Devastating Floods Uncover Land Mines in Bosnia & Herzegovina

After years of grappling with a dark history, a natural disaster is a reminder of Bosnia's ruinous past.

Open uri20140627 32609 1vg6x4c article

Here Are 5 Reasons It's Time to Call Off the Global War on Drugs

The global War on Drugs has failed. Here's the evidence.

Open uri20140512 32552 1gydw3p article

A Disturbing Trend in Agriculture: Prisoner-Picked Vegetables

Some states are turning to their prisons to make up for farmworker shortages....

Open uri20140512 32552 1gqo9jk article

After 44 Years, This European Country Is Finally Getting Its First Mosque

On the unlikely success of Slovenia's Muslims in a region plagued by a history of brutal intolerance....

Open uri20140512 32552 1htrc93 article

Ja Rule’s Prison Cookbook Was a Joke, But Prison Food Is Not

The quality is horrible, and access to meals is often used to manipulate inmates—but the punishment of eating in jails isn't considered 'cruel and unusual.'...